We are committed to providing the highest quality products at the most competitive prices possible. We are driven to support our customers and the wire industry with unsurpassed standards of service and reliability. With these goals and commitments, we maintain an environment that promotes long term growth for our valued customers and the industry.
The Moore family began in the steel and wire industry in the early 1960ís as owners and operators of Seymour Manufacturing in Seymour, Iowa. With expansion into wire panels, farm gates and grain stirring equipment, the company expanded further into Farm Equipment Manufacturing Company, which eventually became what is now Iowa Steel and Wire.

In 1979, B. L. Moore and his brother-in-law, Robert Lockridge, founded Oklahoma Steel and Wire, located in Madill, Oklahoma, with the sole purpose of manufacturing livestock panels. Both companies shared in steady expansion and soon included a comprehensive product line for agricultural and industrial markets. Today, these two facilities produce in excess of 200,000 tons of steel per year and employ more than 460 people.

Market demand created the need for a rod source to assure both companies a sufficient, reliable supply of steel rods to meet their expanding market. In 2004, Mid-American Steel and Wire, in Madill, Oklahoma, was established, employing 238 additional employees. In 2011, to keep pace in an ever-changing steel market, construction of a melt shop division was completed and production started. These companies will keep Oklahoma Steel and Iowa Steel supplied with wire rods and allows them to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Although Bob Lockridge lost his battle with cancer in 1982, Max Moore lost his life in a mid-air collision in 2000, and in early 2011 with the passing of B.L. Moore, the family continues to own and direct the daily operations of both wire plants. The familyís philosophy of continuous improvement on products and service, with a strong commitment to their employees and their customers, has guided Oklahoma Steel and Wire and Iowa Steel and Wire in becoming an industry leader.

Take a quick glimpse into the life of one of our founders B.L. "GOV" Moore.

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