We are commited to providing the highest quality products at the most competitive prices possible. We are driven to support our customers and the wire industry with unsurpassed standards of service and reliability MORE
Our Product Standards

OK Brand offers you our Premium Fencing Products. Every Premium product is made to meet or exceed the highest standards in the industry, which include all ASTM specifications. From the zinc coating weight to the wire tensile, every stage is monitored to provide the best fencing product on the market today and the staple of OK Brand fencing quality.

Products marked with this ASTM Logo indicates product is an OK Brand Premium Product and is made to meet or exceed the highest industry standards. All OK Brand Product are made to be of the highest quality, however ASTM sets standards for certain products. Products with this logo associated to them are capable of being certified by Oklahoma Steel and Wire and Iowa Steel and Wire, and will pass state and federal specification in accordance with ASTM specifications.



Quality is the number one priority in all OK Brand Fencing Products. Our Select Fencing Products maintain that standard as well, standing up to the rigorous day to day use on working farms and ranches. Trimming up the edges without compromising quality makes the Select Products a mainstay in our fencing products.

With quality and durability being our focus, many select products possess some of the same features as our premium products, such as wire size or zinc coating weight. However these products are not produce to meet ASTM specifications for that product. Therefore Oklahoma Steel and Wire / Iowa Steel and Wire make no claims to it passing ASTM specification and will not certify Select product as such.


If your needs are quality as well as economy, OK Brand Commercial is the answer. A lighter gauge wire along with a commercial galvanized coating may put OK Brand Commercial in a different class than the others; the quality and dependability allow it to carry the OK Brand name.

Commercial product do pass our strict quality control and adhere to our high industry standards. However they will not meet ASTM standards and Oklahoma Steel and Wire / Iowa Steel and Wire will not certify Commercial products to meet and published standard


Before welding, wires are galvanized using the tight wipe system which produces a smooth uniform finish. This eliminates sharp burrs or icicles, which prevent undue injury to animal or person. Galvanizing before welding combines safety with dependable strength and lasting durability.



An added feature to a variety of OK Brand Products is Versi-Tail. This feature allows for easier installation by adding a 12" tail to the beginning of each roll and a 6" tail to each end. This eliminates the need to remove cross-wire staples to allow enough wire for tying corners or splicing rolls. This feature is currently used on all Max-Tight and Max-Loc products.